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Some time ago after finishing a few lamps, a small ball of paper mache clay remained. It wasn’t enough for another lamp… As I was rolling it in my hands it reminded me of a pebble… Wow… was that a “pebble” in my shoe that bothered me and I couldn’t find it? Since childhood I was fascinated with stones, their colors and shapes and tiny lines, so wherever I go, I bring back home at least 2-3 handfuls of pebbles with me… I’d make various decoration or make a pendant of them.

The idea was triggered in no time – I’ll make ‘my own pebbles’ – and through lots of trial and error, endless experimentation with different materials my first eco-friendly pendant was created.

Handmade Necklace Pendant Created of Papier/Paper Mache Clay

Then, I made a new batch of paper mache clay… and I got the result I’m proud of.

Handmade necklace pendant Necklace Pendant Created of Homemade Papier Clay Made of Recycled Trash Paper  Handmade Necklace Pendant Created of Papier/Paper Mache Clay  Handmade Necklace Pendant Created of Papier/Paper Mache Clay

Some of my necklace pendants made of paper clay are available in

my Etsy shop where you can find more details about each of them.


Find out how to make your own paper clay in the post 7 easy steps to make paper mache clay (PMC) without joint compound.