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Until a couple of years ago I didn’t know almost anything about decoupage, except what we were taught in high school – famous painters as Picasso and Matisse experimented with this technique. Nevertheless, in the summer 2014 I found an add with irresistibly attractive decoupaged works and incredibly bargain price for a 3-hour course… I don’t remember time when I was so excited.
You can decorate, change, renovate almost everything by applying this technique. It can be applied on any kind of surface: glass, wood, plastic, even, uneven, textured… It can be performed with almost any kind of material: paper, fabric, fall leaves, lace, ribbons…
I really got hooked and after I learnt the basics in the course I spent days online watching youtube tutorials on decoupage.
In a couple of weeks I filled the shelves of my glass case with new stuff. Since you can easily find out how to decoupage all kind of things. I won’t annoy you with another one, but if you were to ask me to, I’d be glad to help. This is a sort of my portfolio and my intention here is to show some of my works that maybe can give you some new ideas:

recycled old earthen jar decooupaged with napkin

…and some more:

Just look around your house, I’m sure you will find something you could up-cycle, re-purpose, decorate with decoupage. And then re-use it or give it as a unique gift. Maybe you have some glasses you don’t use anymore and want to throw them away, since only 1 or 2 remained from a set. Couldn’t you make a vase or candle holder?
Right now it’s season to do something with fall leaves for the upcoming holidays.

Here are a few ideas:

A candle-holder or a vase for one flower made of an old beer glass…

… or a pair of small water glasses…

candle holder - water glasses decoupaged with dried leaves

…and some others I had in a forgotten corner…

Tip: I use LED candles – they don’t get hot.